Building a Legendary Chest
Building a Legendary Chest

Building a Legendary Chest

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4 Time Olympia Champ Reveals Precise Steps for Building a Massive Chest in 12 Weeks!

  • Full video demonstrations for all workouts – making every technique visible
  • Detailed supplementation schedule for each phase of the 12 week guide
  • Comprehensive workout schedule with detailed techniques for increasing massive chest muscle
  • Full supplementation details - Through each phase of the 12 week guide, I provide you with a comprehensive supplementation plan to follow which assists with repairing and developing solid muscle chest.

Start Building a Chest Like the Legends

As a 4 time Olympia Physique Champion, I discovered that nothing complements the entire body like having a fuller and more dense chest.

Now I’m laying out the same groundwork that I follow which allowed me to become the physique champ for the third time.


Over the years, I have tried various techniques to building a legendary chest. Naturally, different methods will yield different results. During this program, you will go through 3 phases of chest training:

Weeks 1-4: Size & Strength

Weeks 5-8: Hardness & Density

Weeks 9-12: Peel & Shred


Ready to Start Building Your Own Legendary Chest?

If you’ve got that craving to start sculpting your own 3D chest like the legends, get immediate access to my guide and I’ll see you on the other side!


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