Building Legendary Legs
Building Legendary Legs

Building Legendary Legs

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In this eBook, I guide you through a complete 12-week program to build Legendary Legs.

There’s nothing quite as impressive as a maxed out pair of flared, striated quads that taper down to cannonball calves, but leg training is brutally hard work. As a result, a lot of guys struggle to build their legs up to match their upper body. 


Discover everything you will ever need to max out your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

  • Comprehensive 12-week program for size and striations
  • Full video demonstrations for all workouts that clearly show proper form and technique
  • Detailed supplementation nutrition schedule
  • How to identify imbalances
  • Learn proper technique, and various technique forms for different exercises 


Over the years, I have tried various techniques to building  legendary legs. Naturally, different methods will yield different results.

During this program, you will go through 3 phases of training:

Weeks 1-4: SIZE & STRENGTH


Weeks 9-12: PEEL & SHRED


Ready to start building Legendary Legs with Jeremy?

This 12-Week Guide to Building Legendary Legs is the most complete resource for anyone looking to develop awesome size and definition in their quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.


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