Shred with Buendia
Shred with Buendia

Shred with Buendia

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Learn all of my secrets of quickly eliminating body fat without sacrificing your muscle gains!

  • 48 pages of detailed content
  • Details on properly calculating your needed daily nutrition for optimizing your Shred results.
  • A detailed supplementation schedule
  • Workouts - Full video demonstrations of all workouts, making every technique visible
  • 2 Phases clearly explained and broken down

Learn everything I use for achieving optimal Shredding results!

  • There is a science behind shredding.
  • As the 4x consecutive champ, I’ve mastered my own techniques for eliminating body fat efficiently  that doesn’t sacrifice your hard-earned muscle gains.
  • This eBook is CRAMMED with everything needed for optimizing your shred results.


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